Ecuador 2012

In August 2011 there were rumors of our school going to Ecuador with a group called Kaleo Kids. I went to Honduras for the past 2 years and I had planned to do so again. But Ecuador sounded new & exciting. I looked at the pictures of schools in the jungle with toucans and ocelots roaming around. I saw pictures of the indigenous people, the Ecuadorians, and the Americans working there. Something made me desperately want to go. So I prayed, signed up, and worked to afford the trip.

Kaleo Kids is an organization run by Nashville-natives Darin & Sherry Coyle. Darin was a firefighter & Sherry a school teacher when they felt the call to go to Ecuador. Their oldest daughter Alex told me that she hated the idea at first. She wouldn’t let her parents talk about it in the house. But the family decided it was the right thing to do, so they picked up their lives and relocated to Quito, Ecuador.

Now the family (Darin & Sherry, & their children Alex, Ashlee, & Luke) serve neglected children by offering education, shelter, and assistance throughout Ecuador. They primarily serve with another ministry known as Jungle Kids for Christ, run by Roberto & Charmai. This young couple has taken in  numerous children (they now have 8) after finding that they had been extremely sexually abused. Their oldest child is now 15 and the youngest about 1. Their adopted children have been severely molested, raped, forced to watch pornography, and numerous other forms of abuse, but they have all turned their lives around through education at the school they built (Antioch Academy), a caring family, and the providence of God.

In the city the Coyles work with Montebello Academy, run by a couple named Ron & Sharon. Like Rob and Charmai, Ron & Sharon have taken in nearly 20 children and saved them from abusive or dangerous situations. They run Montebello Academy, a private English-speaking Christian school in Quito. Montebello enables children of all classes to attend thanks to their 2 for 1 tuition. When a financially stable family pays for their child to attend Montebello, they also cover the tuition of a poor student. The school is continuing to develop, offering English classes, vocational options, & up-to-date technology.

Kaleo Kids is also taking on a new ministry with one of the adopted children of Montebello’s Ron & Sharon. Their son Boris is beginning a ministry for young mothers that have been victims of rape, sex trafficking, and the prostitution industry. Through sustainable business development, Boris helps the girls learn new skills to support themselves, offers support and childcare, and most importantly, teaches the gospel to girls desperately in need of Christ.

Day 1: Jesus Paid It All

Day 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Day 3: Back to the City

Day 4: This Is Why We’re Here

Day 5: Providence

Day 6: How Do You See God?

Day 7: The Ultimate Missionary


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