Day 6: How do you see God?

I was doing a devo on God’s love today in a first grade class at Montebello. We did the lesson, distributed the candy, then handed out the coloring sheets. “Miss Jes -eeee- ca!!!”

I walked over and crouched down next to Emiliano. “What’s up?”

Then he said, “How do you see God?”



I wanted to tell Emiliano about the prostitutes I saw yesterday. I wanted to tell him about the kids in Misahaulli. I wanted to tell him about the families that run Kaleo Kids & Montebello Academy. I wanted to tell him that I saw God everywhere I turned in Ecuador. But we only had about 10 minutes left & he’s in first grade, so I gave him a slightly condensed answer.

Mr. Richard's Class

Mr. Richard’s Class


We spent the day at Montebello. We started out with a 15 minute devo for third graders about holding your tongue. Due to some traffic issues and the lack of control in a group of third graders, we didn’t get very far. Next I went to Mr. Richard’s fourth grade class, where the students were working on the final drafts of their fables. I was told to work with Guadalupe, whose fable sounded too much like Tangled, and Saidie, whose fable sounded too much like The Chronicles of Narnia. After hours of brainstorming, rewriting, and laughing, I left to go work with seniors. They discussed personality types, learning styles, and aspirations as we dumped huge piles of candy on their desks in an attempt to ease their boredom and get rid of the immense amounts of candy we had. After that I went to Mrs. Maggie’s kinder class and taught English for a while. After that there was just enough time to get our Bible class ready for the first graders. As we left Montebello, throwing candy at everyone we saw like a parade of gringos, we said our final goodbyes to our new friends.



Teaching Kinder

Teaching Kinder

As any cultured group would do, we celebrated our last night in Quito by taking advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free special at Pizza Hut and topped it off with more ice cream. We got back to the house and continued playing intense card games with the Coyles until dinner. After talking to Alex (the Coyles’ oldest daughter) about her time in Ecuador and overcoming all the personal obstacles she did, we topped off the evening with a peaceful ride through the ghetto to get some paperwork. We only got completely lost 4 times before requesting a cab. Then we finally got home and quickly fell asleep, only to wake up 4 hours later for our plane.

Goofing around at El Calibri

Goofing around at El Calibri

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