Honduras 2011

My two-week spring break journey into rural Honduras (Las Varas, Macuelizo, Santa Barbara, Honduras) with the Cristo Salva ministry, led by Pastor Ray Marco and his team. This is my second time working with this ministry, but this trip is a little different. The first time I went was for one week just with people from my school. This time I will be with my friends from school for the first week, but I will be staying the second week with a new team as well as the Cristo Salva staff.

Green Wells

Day 1: Arrival in Macuelizo

Day 2: Prayer & Maseca

Day 3: The Best Day of My Life

Day 4: True Life Honduras

Day 5: Drunkards & Sunday School

Day 6: I Hate Honduras

Day 7: I Hate Honduras, Just a Little

Day 8: Discontent Contentment

Day 9: Gallina, Gallina, Gonzo

Day 10: Mucho Loco

Day 11: Return to the Laurels & Cemetery Rd.

Day 12: One Day More

Day 13: Homesick for Honduras

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