Day 11: Return to the Laurels & Cemetery Rd.

This morning we went back to the Laurels and had much more fun. We played with the kids & handed out aprons, candy, & bras. It’s amazing how much these things mean to people. Then we returned to La Entrada. It seemed cooler today, but I found nothing to buy & the guys were much more aggressively attracted to us. Can’t blame ’em.

Then we came back to the farm for a short break before giving more food bags. We returned to Cemetery Rd. (where a lady w/ epilepsy & 14 children live). We gave several food bags, but one house I especially loved. An old lady greeted me at the gate, followed by a man who clearly had some medical issues. I flagged down Mr. Ray to find out if he was receiving any medical attention from Cristo Salva or another group. Mr. Ray had never talked to this family, but he knew that the man had experienced a stroke and had recently fallen & busted his head open. This man with the stroke, Saul, was extraordinarily kind, though he couldn’t speak. They invited a small group of us inside, where we found an older man, a daughter, and a 3 month old baby. The baby didn’t have a name yet. Most families in the area wait for almost a year to name babies because it is highly likely that they will die. I got to pray for them. I don’t know what it was about that family, but I really liked them. I pray that God blesses them & I know he will meet their every need.
We then went to church, where I was groped by an old lady. Friendly, these Hondurans.
Day 11: Return to the Laurels & Cemetery Rd.

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