Day 13: Homesick for Honduras


I was packed & ready to go before anyone else was even awake. I walked to Daisy’s house to say my last goodbyes, but I didn’t want to. I love those kids & I pray that they stay in the house on the farm, despite isolation. Then I finished getting ready, then said goodbye to the kids again. The hardest part of this morning was saying goodbye to Mrs. Pat. If I see her next year it will be in her new home in Macuelizo. I think what made it hard for me was that she told me I always have a home in Honduras. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been wishing to be home, but really, I was home the whole time. Home is where the heart is, and parts of my heart will forever be scattered throughout Santa Barbara, Honduras. My heart will be with Daisy’s children, my heart will be in the clinic, my heart will be with Saul on Cemetery Rd, my heart will be with the Green Wells school, my heart will be with Elbia, my heart will be in Las Plias, and my heart will be scattered across La Entrada. There are people who love me in Honduras, but I love them more.


Then we drove to Guamalitos and I bought out the place once again. Kelsey ran into the one bathroom, and of course, she knocked the toilet paper off the rack, it hit a pipe, & water started spraying everywhere. Then we shopped. I said goodbye to all the Maine people, which wasn’t as hard as I anticipated. Mr. Ray was a little more difficult. Then Stan, David, & Cliff drove us to the airport. After checking bags, paying taxes, & eating lunch we said our last goodbyes.


Sometimes you do something and it gets under your skin. It may be a cockroach. But it may be something much more. It makes your heart beat and forces air into your lungs. It opens your eyes to what was once invisible. It gives you the strength to run forever. It gives you the ability to sing & laugh & cry. It makes you want to share your life with others. It makes you so joyous that words cannot describe it, though it comes at a painful cost. It takes everything from you, but returns much more. It makes you question everything you ever knew and gives you answers to things that you’ll never know. It gives you experiences you’ll never relive or bother to attempt describing. I don’t know what it is, but God gave it to me here.
Merry Go Round

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