Day 7: I Hate Honduras, Just a Little

I was told that Cliff, our cook for this week (replacing Mrs. Pat from last week), was the god of the kitchen. When he proves this, I’ll be sure to document it. Kelsey is really homesick and doesn’t seem to want to do anything. I too am homesick, but I’m convinced that if I pretend that I’m not, I won’t be. This usually works.

This morning we toured and cleaned the clinic. The other group has yet to really speak to us. We segregate in all situations. You know you’re socially awkward when it’s easier to communicate to some kids in another language than it is some teenagers that speak perfect English.
We went to a kinder and then to Jen’s school (Morning Star Bilingual) again. The other group, who knows Jen, calls her “Hen” as if they’re pronouncing her name in Spanish. Kelsey and I find this to be extraordinarily annoying since no one here calls her Hen and even if they were to pronounce her name in Spanish, it wouldn’t be Hen (yes, I realize that this may not be worthy of ranting about, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot today). We then came back for lunch and began to paint Daisy’s house. We mudded the inside of the house, which was filled with holes, and painted the outside of the house green.
 I wish we could paint American houses bright colors. I think it would make us happier.
This group likes to take breaks. They left freezing temperatures in Maine, so I guess they’re probably pretty hot. I actually feel cooler today than I have any other day. Kelsey took advantage of these breaks and never came back. I took this time to bond with the other group, and I think I was moderately successful. Despite this, I still wish I was at home.
We went back to Pastor Gladys’s “iglesia de distraccion.” Mr. Ray preached on the story of Legion and how the church is demonized by fear of “going too far” for Christ. Sitting in a third world congregation filled with poverty-sticken people that were passionate about God, I realized the message’s painful truth.
 After the service we prayed over the church for quite a while. After this, I think Kelsey and I hit our breaking point and things really turned around for us.
We went to a hotel in Sula to get drinks and the power went out. Jazmin, Kelsey, & I laughed the entire time. I have no idea what was so funny, but I think God just makes us laugh sometimes so that we don’t break down and cry. BTW: Jazmin was our translator last week & you’ll hear more about her later.
When we got back to the farm we filled food bags (more maseca!) and truly had a blast discussing Southern culture. Jim calls Kelsey & I “Nashville” all the time. I’m content for today. Kelsey and I have developed a countdown to keep us sane. Only 2 more workdays until there’s 3 more workdays.
I’ve reached the halfway point!
Day 7: I Hate Honduras, just a little

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