Day 9: Gallina, Gallina, Gonzo

This morning we went to the Green Wells school across the river. I think the kids there like us more than any other group we’ve seen. They seemed to accept the fact that I spoke very little Spanish, so I was able to carry on a conversation with them. After playing for a while, Dan & I developed a Spanish version of duck, duck, goose- ”gallina, gallina, gonzo.” It got very intense very quickly. There was tackling, throwing of children, and controversies that I’m confident will result in lifelong grudges.

 After that we returned to the farm and I threw on some scrubs and headed to the clinic. Today was the second day the clinic was open. Yesterday some of our group opened it. They treated an extreme burn wound, a little girl with a bot fly, and numerous other strange cases. Today I got to help treat a machete wound, examined a pregnant belly, took blood sugar, and a plethora of other interesting things.
We then went to an extremely small church and Jazmin made us sing “Santuario,” which we sang with our group last week, but this week’s group wasn’t much for singing. When we returned to the farm I stayed up late with Mr. Ray, Dan, and some Maine people cracking up over jokes and stories from Becca & Laura, who were humorously discussing the  life of their Nana, who died on Pi Day.
Day 9: Gallina, Gallina, Gonzo

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