Mozambique 2013

My missions internship in Montepuez, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, in the summer of 2013 with the Makua Team and 5 other interns: Bailey, Ben, Cara, Celeste, and Katie.

Montepuez Kids

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Bonding: Notes on My Weekend in a Village

Week 4

Week 5

Journey Through the Fire Swamp: Mozambican Edition (our drive back from Tanzania)

Week 6

Here’s some facts you may need to know for understanding some journaling:

Mozambique is in southeast Africa and was one of the last nations to come out of colonial rule (from Portugal). The war for independence was followed by a long civil war that still has lingering effects throughout the nation.

There are many people groups in Mozambique, but most of my time was spent with the Makua people. They all speak Makua and Portuguese is known in cities.

Ixima (pronounced sheema) is a staple food in Mozambique. It is eaten at almost every meal alongside matapa, which is a word used for any side dish, but mostly refers to steamed greens.

A kapalana is a piece of colorful material that is sold everywhere. Almost every woman wears the fabric as a skirt & head wrap, and uses the fabric for more things than the average mind can fathom. In Tanzania it’s called a conga and in Zambia a shetangi.

When I arrived the Makua team had been in Montepuez for about 9 years & they were beginning to look at doing an exit strategy. Many of the churches the team planted are now planting more churches and growth is positive.

The Makua team is made up of the Howells (Alan & Rachel and their daughters Abby, Ellie, & Katie), the Westerholms (Chad & Amy and their daughters Maggie & Jane), the Smiths (Jeremy & Martha and their 4 boys), and 2 teachers (Bekah & Kara). The Smiths were on furlough during my internship.

One weekend was spent doing “bonding,” which is when I was alone with a family in a village, learning about how they live. Another week was spent in Tanzania doing a survey, which means we were going around doing interviews and making maps of areas to see if it would be beneficial to place a mission team there.

4 responses to “Mozambique 2013

  1. I love reading your story! Can’t wait for more. I know you will do many wonderful things during your mission trip! Take care of yourself and I will be keeping up with you 🙂
    Tina Hickman


  2. You and your team are in my thoughts and prayers..God has blessed you all with the desire to share His gospel with the world, you all will be truly blessed! Stay safe sweetheart!


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