I’m Jessica – a native of Old Hickory, TN, studying Missions & Global Economic Development at Harding University.

I thoroughly believe that God is doing a new thing all around us. He didn’t stop creating a long time ago – he’s deeply involved in our lives and our world. He’s paving roads through the desert and carving rivers through wastelands. He’s bringing life to a world ruled by death and he has charged his followers to proclaim his victory over death to every corner of the Earth. He has come into the world and he’s reclaiming his people.

Illumination Memorial

Each day I want to crucify my life for the sake of God’s glory so that I may be resurrected to Christ’s abundant life of inexpressible joy and be a fearless witness of it to the ends of the Earth.


I am inspired by my family, my friends, my teachers, G.K. Chesterton, Greg Mortenson, Dobby from Harry Potter, Richard Engel, Jack Kerouac, the person who named the didgeridoo, Bob Dylan, Charles Dickens, Ben Folds, C.S. Lewis, and Destiny’s Child.


I am passionate about cross-cultural missions, traveling, laughing, working as a performing character, Moroccan food, writing, sustainable development, walruses, learning, Portlandia, coffee shops, volunteering, being crafty, dancing around my room when my roommate’s not there, elderly people, the prophet Ezekiel, reading, flannel, and collecting life experiences.

Old Man

I am not passionate about crickets, mathematics, bubble tea, public speaking, making decisions, falling down, running, mayonnaise, or people who utilize the “poke” function on Facebook.

Precious Baby

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