Transplants: The Broccoli and the Burmese

It was transplant day in the garden. We met early in the morning, bringing trays full of the baby broccolis and cabbages. As the sun rose on the day the gardeners began to drive in, with their families and Burmese dishes in tow. They set the food they prepared on the table and approached the plant trays to receive their allotment of plants. After receiving their 10 broccolis and 10 cabbages, it was time to plant.

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Lessons from the Garden: Stepping on Seeds

In church we talk about sowing seeds a lot. In the parable of the sower the farmer walks around, throwing seeds all willy-nilly, hoping that some of them hit the good soil. Growing up I often heard things like, “You never know when you’ll plant a seed,” meaning that your example could possibly influence someone around to start thinking about Christ.

While that is true sometimes, more often than not I use it as a cop-out.

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