Making the World Great Again

In this time of transition of leadership in the States we look to leaders, crying, “Save us!” We seek salvation from terrorists, from immigrants, from poverty, from taxes, from inequality, from government suppression, from religious oppression, and from climate change. We place our whole hope and utter despair on temporary rulers and seek to empower individuals who will bring about an unshakeable nation, perhaps even one that stands for God.

But why would we ask for so little when we already have access to so much more?

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Transplants: The Broccoli and the Burmese

It was transplant day in the garden. We met early in the morning, bringing trays full of the baby broccolis and cabbages. As the sun rose on the day the gardeners began to drive in, with their families and Burmese dishes in tow. They set the food they prepared on the table and approached the plant trays to receive their allotment of plants. After receiving their 10 broccolis and 10 cabbages, it was time to plant.

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